Why It's So Difficult to Find Your Passion

There are a lot of people out there these days trying to find their passion. There are a lot of people sharing lots of ideas about how to find your passion, including me. I talk a lot about passion and purpose because I think without those two things, you are just surviving, not thriving. Without passion and purpose, you are just getting through life, living for the weekend or vacations, and that’s no way to live. So, if everyone is looking for their passion and there are tons of people telling you how to find your passion, why haven’t we all found it by now? Why is it so hard to find your passion?

As I have searched for my own passions and helped my clients uncover theirs, I’ve made some key observations about this process and have developed a theory about what makes it so difficult for people to discover their core passions – and why it is also so very important to experiencing happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in life. In this episode, I share my theory and reveal 4 key thoughts about the “passion-finding mystery” that have emerged from my work as a coach – they may surprise you!