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You’ve blown out the candles on your 40th, 45th, 50th or beyond birthdays and just as you watch that fire go out, you've also felt like the flame in your life is going out. You’ve been working and taking care of your family and your home and you realize now, it’s your turn. It’s time to stop settling in a career in which you aren’t passionate. It’s time to focus on what you want to do in this next, exciting, new chapter of your life. And guess what, you can do anything you want.

You want to live to your fullest potential and make a difference in this world by turning your passion into a profitable income, whether that means starting your own business or finding your ideal job that aligns with who you are and what you value and will draw from your greatest strengths and talents. 

Your motivation and energy will drive you to your goal and I want to be there to support you in every single way.

Emerging Life Coaching is all about personal growth development experiences, self-discovery, inner transformation and creating solid plans of action for achievement of goals through our work together.

Gain clarity on exactly what you want to accomplish and who you truly are and then let’s figure out a way to make it reality. I’ll hold you accountable and encourage you to keep going and together we’ll find solutions to obstacles and challenges along the way.

It’s time. 

“Working with Janelle gave me the power to realize I am not stuck in life and that I am stronger than I think.” - Marguerite

“The most significant learning for me was that I actually can do it! That I can overcome my biggest obstacles and blocks.” - Radovan

“Through working with Janelle, I created a roadmap for discovering who I am.” - Liz

The Year of You Program - Now Taking Applications!

What would it be like to spend an entire year on you - DISCOVERING who you are and what you really want, DEVELOPING your confidence, self-awareness, intuition, mindfulness, and inner super powers, and DARING to go after your dreams to create the life you really want? That’s what this program is all about and it kicks off this Fall! Learn more about it and apply now!


Get super clear about WHO you are and WHAT you really want to do - before you quit your day job: 4-Module Course in Life Purpose Discovery designed specifically for Women 40+


A prayer devotional journal

Available on Amazon

Come into my garden: a prayer devotional

This book was born out of an intense desire to clearly hear God when He speaks to me. I began that journey over a decade ago and since then, I have filled many journals with the incredible conversations I have enjoyed with God. I share some of these powerful journals with you, plus the four keys to hearing God’s voice that I learned all those years ago. This book invites you to open up your heart to hear God speak to you, too.

Private Individual Coaching: 10 coaching sessions (1 hour) over 3 months, includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and debrief session. This assessment is unique from others as it reveals your perspectives and attitudes - how you show up in your life. We explore your strengths, values, and passions to help you gain clarity about what you really want. We then create a roadmap to get you there, and provide the structure and support you need to make it happen. If you are interested in exploring this option, click on the button below to apply for coaching services. 

Turn It Around: A 4-Week Program for Women 40+ Frustrated with Finances, Career, Relationships, and Finding their Passion! This is an action-oriented group program designed to get you unstuck and turned around so that you are moving in the right direction. If you feel frustrated in any or all of these areas, this is the time to take action. The group is forming now and is limited to only 10 women! Let’s turn this thing around! Are you in or are you out?

Energy Leadership for Small Business: Do you want to Increase employee engagement and energy, retain high-performing employees who love to work for your business, increase productivity in all areas, improve communication and collaboration in your team and staff relationships, have your leaders be more focused, engaged, productive and producing superior measurable results for your business, and enjoy high customer satisfaction? We have programs to help you do that!

Life Purpose Course for Women 40+: Get super clear about WHO you are and WHAT you really want to do - before you quit your day job: This self-paced, 4-Module Course in Life Purpose Discovery is designed specifically for Women 40+ who are searching for what they really want to do "when they grow up!" To learn more and enroll in this power-packed course, click on the button below.

Year of You Program: This program is a combination of all of Emerging Life’s offerings, structured as a monthly, progressive journey that is designed to help you reach a particular personal goal or help guide you through a life transition. Two workshop retreats are included in the cost, as well as monthly one-on-one coaching, weekly group coaching, access to the Life Purpose Course (redesigned for Year of You participants), an exclusive online community, and copy of my latest book. Spots are limited, so apply now!

Upcoming Events: Check out the events I have coming up soon: Workshops, retreats, online group programs, and club meetings.


Women Emerging Fearlessly Podcast

A podcast for women 40+ where they are inspired and empowered to take ownership of their lives. The episodes are packed full of “how-to’s” and practical, time-honored, real life tips and strategies to help you create the life you want in this midlife season. The topics range from finding your purpose and passion to overcoming obstacles that keep you stuck in your finances, well-being, career, relationships, and having fun! Janelle’s easy-going, relaxed and down-to-earth style creates a friendly environment for her listeners. It feels just like you’re sitting down together over a cup of coffee! You’ll always walk away feeling uplifted and encouraged, with hope about all the possibilities that are opening up to you.

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Meet Janelle

Click to learn more about my Speaker Sisterhood Club!

Click to learn more about my Speaker Sisterhood Club!


A teacher in elementary and middle schools.
A GED prep instructor.
An entrepreneur.
An office manager.
A life coach.

All careers that I’ve enjoyed in my lifetime. I was an educator for 20 years and watching my students grow and thrive was simply amazing. And then working with adults, brought a whole different level of watching people grow and reach their goals. As an entrepreneur, I was able to expand my personal growth and learn how to navigate obstacles and believe in dreams. As an office manager at a school and then at the women’s center at Virginia Tech, I really discovered my love of coaching people.

I took the StrengthsFinder assessment and received coaching around it. I love assessments because I enjoy discovering what makes people who they are, what their gifts and strengths are and then drawing that out of them so they can see how to use those gifts to live a fulfilled and happy live doing what they love. I took a couple of training classes about how to coach others around the StrengthsFinder and enjoyed that so much that I tried to get everyone I knew to take it so I could coach them. That’s when I realized that coaching was what I do best and enjoy most.

I truly enjoy connecting with people at a deep level, understanding who they are and helping them grow and develop into who they were meant to be. I became a life coach approaching 60 years old. It is never too late to do what you love. It is possible, at any age, to make changes and live your passions.

I am married (29 years) and have one daughter. She is married and lives in California. I have a step-granddaughter and I’m hoping for more grandchildren someday! My husband and I live in Virginia, in the beautiful mountains of the Blue Ridge. I’ve lived here for close to 35 years and still love it. My dad is 95, doing very well and I spend as much time as I can with him. I have many siblings and spending time with family is cherished.

I am a Christian with a very deep faith. I am active in my church as a women’s ministry leader and worship leader. I play piano and keyboard (and a little guitar). I also enjoy dancing, bike riding, hiking, writing and reading. I love to learn and I typically have at least 5 books that I’m reading at any given time.

CPC (Certified Professional Coach) from iPEC
PCC (Professional Certified Coach) (ICF) 
ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
COR.E Wellbeing Dynamics Specialist from iPEC
B.S. Elementary Education – University of Colorado

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I limit the number of private client sessions I do on a weekly basis to keep the individual and personal attention high for my clients. Due to that and a high demand for coaching, new clients will be scheduled on a first decide, first served basis.

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