How to Discover Your Life Purpose

In my work as a coach, I often talk to women who feel that somewhere along the way, they gave up on their dream. Life got in the way and they just had to do what was necessary to support their family and survive. Now, they are feeling that they don’t even know what their purpose is. Being true to themselves is not even possible because they don’t know who they are. Imagine yourself at 90-something and you're looking back at your life. Would you be able to say, without a doubt, that you fulfilled your purpose?
f not, then it’s time to make some changes! Now – don’t put off any longer discovering your true self and your purpose on this earth. The question is: HOW? In this call, I dive into this topic, giving you a big picture overview of how to go about discovering your life purpose. I give you a 4-pronged approach and several starter questions you can answer to get you on your way to this all-important discovery!