Creating Connection with Your Purpose

This is the time in your life (40+) when fully stepping into your purpose and walking it out can become crystal clear. All you’ve learned, experienced, achieved, and survived throughout your life so far has prepared you for this next season.

Are you awake yet? Are you awake to your life and connected to your purpose?

When I was about age 55, I woke up. It was like an alarm went off inside my spirit and I was jolted out of my dream-like state into the reality that my life was rushing by at a breakneck speed and I wasn’t really LIVING it!! That’s when I made a CONSCIOUS DECISION that I was going to do whatever I needed to do to create a connection to my purpose, my passions, and my dreams. And then GO DO IT! In this episode, I share how I was able to create that connection. We go deeper into our spirituality where connection to our purpose is possible. This could very well be the beginning of YOUR awakening!