How to Find Your Voice

Not too many years ago, I would not have been able to lead a workshop like I did last weekend. But now I do it with joy and confidence, loving every minute of it. I think my struggle to find my voice is not uncommon, especially among women. There are many messages we pick up and internalize that tell us that what we have to say is not important or even needed. We’re told to take a back seat, don’t be too assertive or have too many opinions, and definitely don’t take the lead. Even today, with so many women in powerful and influential positions, those messages still pervade the subconscious minds of so many of us.

And so, we stay quiet. We don’t speak our truth. We don’t know how to find our voice and often we don’t even know what our voice is! As a result, we leave our power on the table and we don’t have the impact we are meant to have in the world. I am on a mission to change that – one woman at a time! In this call, I share some of my personal struggle with finding my voice and I give you your first assignment to help you find yours!