How To Stop Procrastinating And Start Taking Action

Procrastination can be very frustrating when you are trying to achieve goals and get things done. Many people have a habit of putting things off, but they don’t know why they do it. Getting an understanding of why you procrastinate and then creating a strategy to change that habit into one of taking action will propel you forward and that feels really good!

Chunk it down: Take your big tasks and goals and break them down into bit-sized pieces. Create a list daily of 5 things to do and focus only on those until they’re completed. Then create the next list. Create weekly and daily goals that are SMART(specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable, and time oriented – have a designated time that you will finish the task).

Schedule it on your calendar: Block out time on your calendar and write exactly what you will do on that date and time. Treat it like an appointment you would make with anyone else. Create a time weekly that is always devoted to your dream and make that your “office hours.” That time is when you block out all other distractions and focus only on your action steps toward your goals.

Create the motivation – give yourself rewards and find an accountability partner: Focus on the reason you are doing what you’re doing – your WHY. What will you get from doing this activity or project? What is the long-term goal you are working toward and why is it important to you? Create rewards for yourself after reaching smaller goals. Find someone who will hold you accountable and tell them what your goals are for each week. Make sure it is someone who will check in with you and truly hold you to your word. When you have someone you are accountable to, the motivation to complete your tasks and do what you said you would do increases your motivation. Hiring a coach is a great way to stay on track and motivated.

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