Turn It Around!

a 4-week group program Designed for women 40+ frustrated with finances, career, Relationships & finding their passion!

In a recent survey I conducted, I discovered 4 top areas of frustration for women 40 and older:

  1. Limited Financial Resources and Freedom

  2. Career or Job not Aligned with Passion and Purpose (or how to find a job when you’re over 40, 50,. or 60)

  3. Health and Aging: creating a healthy lifestyle and having the energy, stamina, and time to enjoy life and have fun

  4. Developing and Nurturing Healthy and Happy Relationships

The respondents to my survey expressed their biggest concerns as:

  • Finding a way to reorganize my life to enjoy what is left of it.

  • Finding a job at age 60 while competing with younger women.

  • Not having clarity with regard to my profession or career.

  • Having a lack of financial resources to enjoy my life in my later years, money is tight and limited.

  • Having a lack of meaningful relationships and a lack of fun and enjoyment.

  • Not being aligned with my passions and having a lack of direction for my life.

  • Getting older and facing health concerns, trying to eat healthy, exercise, and lose weight.

  • Being comfortable and confident in making decisions for my life.

i decided to take action and do something to help! I created a group program to help you turn it all around in only 4 weeks!

If you are frustrated in any of these areas and ready to turn things around in your life, then take action today and join this group. If you’re tired of making excuses and tolerating these situations, this is your opportunity to do something about it.

turn It Around: A 4-Week Group Program for Women 40+

We will meet virtually online using a platform called Zoom in a 90-minute group session each week for 4 weeks. I will proactively coach you through these frustrations, help you gain clarity around what is really getting in your way, and help you create a strategy to take action and get moving on the right track so that you can turn things around in your life in just 4 weeks!

Meeting times: Mondays 7:30-9:00 pm ET

Next group starts september 30th!

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