The Year of You program

This year-long program is limited to a small number of participants in each group. (We begin new groups twice a year.) The program is a culmination of all the services offered by Emerging Life Coaching. It is designed to promote intentional, focused, goal-driven growth through personalized support, accountability, education, and community. Read below for program details and pricing information.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Every other week during the program, participants will receive one-on-one coaching sessions with Janelle, your coach. These one hour sessions are designed to help you achieve clarity, gain confidence, and learn practical steps toward reaching your personal or professional goals. They include the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, a tool which will help your coach customize a strategy that’s perfect for your situation.  In these sessions, you and your coach will work together to expose the root causes of the limitations that are holding you back from stepping into your full potential and remove them from blocking your path. Together, you will create actionable steps for you to take each month that will help bring you closer to your goals.

On the off weeks, you and the other participants in the Year of You Program will gather online for a group session with your coach. These sessions will provide an opportunity to check in with your coach and each other on the progress each person is making on their own journey. This community will be a vital tool for finding support, creative solutions to challenges along the way, accountability, and friendship. Your coach will take advantage of these sessions as opportunities to bring an educational element to the group as needed.

online courses

Two courses are included in the program to accompany your year-long journey as tools that will help you discover more about who you are as you pursue your goals. 

The Life Purpose Course, developed by Janelle herself, is designed to help you understand your own unique design, the values that motivate you, the personal “tool box” of your life, and how to design your life around the culmination of those things in order live out your particular purpose.

The COR.E Transitions Dynamics™ program is a comprehensive process for mastering the transitions in your life. It is based on the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and iPEC, through which Janelle is certified as a professional coach, and a COR.E Dynamics specialist. The program provides a road map to mastering transitions and change so you can consciously decide in what direction you want to go, take decisive action to get there, and thrive during the journey.

As you move through this process, you will learn that your energy has everything to do with how you "show up" and approach every situation and circumstance in your life. It is uniquely designed to help you create your personal formula for success. COR.E Transitions Dynamics integrates a knowledge base with the use of an assessment and a learning process that facilitates greater ease and success for individuals in whatever transition they find themselves.  

Photo by  Andrew Neel  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


The program begins and ends with a retreat. You, your coach, and the other members of The Year of You will gather together in the mountains of Virginia to inspire each other, grow, and celebrate together during workshops and creativity sessions, delicious meals, and while enjoying the natural wonders of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


The Year of You Program tuition is $8900 for the year. This covers all the coaching and administrative fees, program supplies, and food and lodging at the retreats. Payment plans are available.