The Life Purpose Course for Women 40+

Get super clear about WHO you are and WHAT you really want to do - before you quit your day job:
4-Module Course in Life Purpose Discovery designed specifically for Women 40+



What you will learn:

Module One - Know Your Unique Design: 
We begin the journey by taking a look at your unique design - what are your innate abilities, gifts, talents and strengths. What makes you YOU!  We'll dive into this topic of "unique design" to understand why it is vital to know and appreciate your natural qualities. You'll take several assessments to discover your top strengths and personality type and complete follow up exercises to dig down deeper. 

Module Two - Know Your Inner Super Powers: 
To you know WHY you want to do what you want to do? Your WHY is so important. This is what gets you up in the morning and keeps you going when it get tough and nothing seems to be working out right! What energizes you? These are your inner super powers! This is where you'll define your core values, what's really important to you, what you base decisions on, and what motivates you. We'll also pull back the curtain on the dreams of your heart, some of which have been buried there since childhood! 

Module Three - Know What's in Your Toolbox:  
How has your life prepared you for this very season? We'll look at your experiences, successes, achievements, what you have learned, your skills, knowledge, history - all with a view to how your life has led you to this very moment and has equipped you to step fully into your life's mission. You will become aware of the messages your life has been speaking to you and how certain events in your life have pointed to your destiny, whether you realized it or not.

Module Four - Know Your Roadmap:  
We will wrap it all up and tie everything together! You'll finish strong with new vision and clarity about what you really want to do, plus a personalized roadmap: your specific plan of action going forward. You will also have much deeper understanding about what your life mission truly is. This week, we'll work together to help everyone create a powerful life purpose statement that you can carry with you to keep you focused and inspired.

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Includes: Private coaching with Coach Janelle (choose one 60-minute session or two 30-minute sessions), three assessments, 8 videos, plus one BONUS video, four digital workbooks, and weekly email support.

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What women are saying about this program:

"I was nervous about this at first, but ultimately I felt comfortable as I was given the freedom and safety to share all ranges and thoughts and emotions I may not have otherwise shared in front of a small group. I discovered that maybe my desire and ability to explore a completely different side of me than most have seen are not all that "crazy" or unreachable." ~Kimberly

"Through this program, I created a roadmap for discovering who I am. The exercises were key to challenging me to think at a deeper level. They were challenging, but good. It helped me to dig deep and do the homework and see myself more clearly through the tangle of memories and feelings and perceptions of myself. Having a coach as a mirror (asking questions) helped me go deeper. I now have a list of 3 steps to explore a path based on a solid knowledge of who I really am." ~Liz

"It was helpful with figuring out what I wasn’t seeing and asking myself those hard questions. I also liked when others would give feedback too. I liked being able to see how coaching works and loved getting insights to other women’s lives that I had no idea about. Made me feel closer to them. It was encouraging too." ~Michelle

What you'll get:

Four Live Virtual Group Sessions (only available in the Virtual Live Group Format)

  • These will be group video meetings using a platform called Zoom (it's easy to use).

  • We will meet bi-monthly for an hour every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:30 pm ET until you finish the course.

  • Janelle will "spot-coach" as needed for members to gain greater clarity and deeper insights.

  • Meetings will be recorded and archived for any member who misses a session or wants to review.

Course Materials

  • Downloadable Workbook packed with self-discovery exercises and questionnaires

  • 8 Video Lessons

  • Assessments: CliftonStrengths, Enneagram Personality Type and 16 Personalities

  • OPTIONAL (at an extra cost): Energy Leadership Index Assessment plus a private 60-minute debrief session with Janelle - half price for group members ($150)

  • Private Facebook Group for group interaction, accountability and support between group sessions

Everything you need discover what it is that you really want to do is ALL right here!