Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

I feel like I've entered a season where everything I've ever done is coming together in way that feels just right! I think a better way to say it is this: "I feel like I know WHO I am now that I've grown up!" And this person I am and have become is just me, the real me.

The thing is, I believe this is possible for you, too! I believe that this season of life (midlife, after 40, or what I am calling the "age of grace and wisdom") can be the BEST time of your life, where you step out onto center stage as the star of your own story! This is your time to shine! I believe this is how the second half of our life is meant to be - a time of fulfillment of who we were always created to be - like you are coming into full bloom! In this episode, I share some of my journey through my midlife season and I hope it inspires you through yours!