The Art of Listening

Truly listening is an art. It is a beautiful gift we give to others. When someone really hears you, how does that make you feel? I bet you answered something like this: I feel valued. I feel loved. I feel cared for, seen, known. I feel encouraged. I feel special. I feel appreciated and acknowledged. And yet, how often do we listen to others at that deeper level? Most people don’t know HOW to listen at a level that creates heart-to-heart connection?

Learning the art of listening takes intention and practice. But it improves every relationship and every encounter you have, from your spouse and family, to your friends and acquaintances, and to your professional relationships.

How important is it to you to become artful as a heart-centered listener? In this episode, I share what intuitive, empathic listening really is, why it is so beneficial to learn it, and 7 tips to try out this week in your every day conversations!