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The Best Year Ever Mastermind Group

You’ve set your intentions for the year, maybe you’ve made some resolutions or have written out several big goals that you want to accomplish this year, but you haven’t made much progress. Life has gotten in the way, as it has a habit of doing and now you’re frustrated and feeling stuck - AGAIN!

Many people struggle with making progress toward their goals and sticking to their resolutions. That’s why I’ve created this mastermind group! In fact, that scenario described most of my adult life! I have found, though, that the “magic is in the mastermind!” When you join forces with other women in a group that is specifically dedicated to supporting one other as we all work toward our goals, you step into a powerful place of sisterhood - and it is magical!

If you want to finally get some stuff done, make progress and create momentum in your life like you’ve never done before, I invite you into this magical space! Surround yourself with like-minded and supportive sisters and make this your Best Year Ever!

Photo Credit: kobu-agency-685117-unsplash

Photo Credit: kobu-agency-685117-unsplash

Weekly zoom meetings

With the help of today’s technology, it is possible to create connections with women all over the world! We meet online every Thursday night from 8-9 pm ET using the Zoom meeting platform. You simply click on the link provided when you become a member and you will instantly be ushered into the meeting.

Each member shares her goals, progress made, new action steps and any areas where they are stuck or struggling. As a member, you will receive individual coaching from me and supportive ideas from your fellow members. We cheer each other on, celebrate even the smallest wins, share resources, and brainstorm strategies to help you break through obstacles and create massive momentum!

The meetings are recorded, so even if you miss a meeting, you won’t miss out!

private facebook group

You will continue to receive support, resources, inspiration and accountability all week long in our private and secret Facebook group. No one else is in this group - just the current mastermind members. As needed, I will add resources and members will also be able to upload any resources they have found. This group also helps you stay focused as you and your group members hold each other accountable. You can post your daily victories as you reach milestones and complete action steps. If you need reminders and nudges, you can ask for us to do that for you in this space.



virtual Workshops

As a member of the Best Year Ever Mastermind group, you will also have access to the Design Your Best Year Ever Workshop where I take you through 5 powerful steps to get clarity on the top goals you most want to achieve this year. The workshop features a digital workbook with powerful exercises for visioning and goal-setting and a blueprint you can use to create your Best Year Ever Vision Board.

You will also have access to any workshops I offer for this group as long as you are a current member.

Here’s how to join the group!

This is an easy two-step process:

Step One: Click below to fill out a brief form with a bit of information about you!

Step Two: Come back here and click on the payment button below to set up your subscription ($75 per month). You can join the group anytime and leave whenever you’re ready.

Thank you for joining our group!

refund policy:

The monthly membership fee of $75 is nonrefundable. Your monthly fee includes the weekly Zoom meetings and access to the private Facebook group. No portion of the membership fee will be refunded for any part of the month or for missed meetings. Recordings of all meetings will be available in the Facebook group or upon request.

cancellation policy:

Members may cancel their membership at any time by submitting a written request to The monthly membership fee will be canceled effective the month immediately following the member’s current membership month.